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Graphic LCD

TYPE FOG Model LCD Size IC Model Remark Dots Matrix 6464 TS6464A-F-C(Transflective) 30x36/32x2.0 ST7567/Serial TS6464A-F-C-1(Reflective) 30x36/32x2.0 ST7567/ Serial 9616 TS9616A-F-D(0.69inch) 8X26.3/22.7X1.4 ST7567 9864 TS9864A-F-C 37X32.9/27X2.8 ST7567 Serial 12832 TS12832A-F-C 51.8X26.8/20.8X2.0 ST7565R Serial/Parallel TS12832E-F-A 63X27.5/21.5X2.8 ST7567 Serial TS12832E1-F-A 63X27.5/21.5X2.8 ST7567 Serial TS12832F-F 32.9X15/10.3X0.55 ST7565R Serial 13232 TS13232A-F-D 73X21.7/17.2X2.0 ST7565P Serial 13240 TS13240A-F 56X23/18.6X2.0 ST7567 Serial 11264 TS11264A-F 35.6X27.8/23.6X3.3 ST7567 Serial 12864 TS12864COG-F-A 76*45.5/39.5*2.8 NT7538 Serial/Parallel TS12864A-F-(A/B/C) 57*42/35*2.0 ST7565R Serial/Parallel TS12864B-F-A 76*48/42.5*2.8 ST7565R Serial/Parallel TS12864C-F-B 56*33/28*2.8 ST7567 Serial TS12864C-F-B-1 56*33/28*2.8 ST7567 Serial TS12864D-F 47.6X36.8/31.8X2.0 ST7565R Serial/Parallel TS12864E-F 31X22.5/18.35X1.7 ST7567 Serial TS12864F-F 42.75X42.7/38.2X2.0 ST7567 Serial TS12864H-F 57.6X42/35X2.0 ST7565P Parallel 80 Timing TS12864H1-0-C 57.6X42/35X2.0 ST7565P Parallel 80 Timing TS12864K-F 54.6X42.2/34.2X2.0 ST7565P Serial/Parallel TS12864L-F 77.5X51/44X2.8 ST7567 Serial/Parallel TS12864L2-F 77.5X51/44X2.8 ST7565R Serial/Parallel TS12864M-F 47X32/26X2.0 ST7565R Serial/Parallel TS12864N-F-C 55X32.5/28X2.0 UC1701X Serial TS12864P-F-B 57.2x44.5/38x2.0 ST7567 Serial TS12864Q-F-B 69X45/40X2.8 ST7565R TS12864T-F-B 28.5X20/16X1.7 UC1705X TS12864T1-F-B 28.5X20/16X1.7 ST7567 TS12864S-F-D(0.96inch) 25.7X18.2/14.4X1.2 ST7567 TS12864U-F-C 76.1X50.6/44.1X2.0 ST7565v-g TS12864W-F-C 69X50/42.4X2.8 ST7565R TS12864X-F-C 58X39/34X2.8 ST7565R TS12864Y-F-B 77.4X49.5/43X2.8 RA8816 TSF1286428-0-C 53X44X2.0 ST7565R 128128 TS1286128A-F-C 46.5X55.2/48.5X1.7 ST7541 13264 TS13264A-F 75X45.5X2.8 ST7567 Serial 14464 TS14464A-F-C 76X48.8/42.8X2.0 ST7525 Serial/Parallel 16080 TS16080A-F-C 58.2X41.4/35.4X2.0 UC1610 Parallel 80 Timing 19264 TS19264A-F 107.5X47.1/41.3X2.8 ST7525 Serial/Parallel 240128 TS240128A-F-A 130*71.47/64.47*2.8 UC1608 Serial/Parallel TS240128A-F-C 130*71.47/64.47*2.8 UC1608 Serial/Parallel 240160 TS240160A-F-C 81.6X58.8/51.8X2.8 ST7586S TS240160B-F-C 74.6X51/69.6X56X2.0 UCI7701/UCI7702
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