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Customised LCD

Basic Requirements for Customised LCD Module Customer Information Company: Contact: Email: Tel: Dimension 图片4.png Module Size(WxHxT)(mm) Viewing Area(WxH)(mm) Active Area(WXH)(mm) Display Contents Character Type: ( )Charactersx( )Lines Graphics Type: ( )Dotsx( )Dots Segment Type: pls fill the display contents here. LCD panel Liquid Crystal: HTN[ ], STN-YG[ ], STN-Blue[ ], FSTN[ ], DFSTN[ ] Polarizer Mode: Reflective[ ], Transflective[ ], Transmissive[ ] Display Mode: Positive[ ], Negative[ ] Viewing Angle: 6:00[ ], 12:00[ ], other[ ] Backlight Type: Without[ ], LED Array[ ], LED Edge[ ], other[ ] Colour: Yellow-Green[ ], White[ ], Blue[ ] Specified LCD Driver:( ) Controller:( ) Product Form: LCD Panel[ ], COB(LCD Module)[ ], COG[ ], COF[ ] Connecter way: Zebra[ ], Metel pin[ ], FPC[ ], Heat Seal[ ] Operating Environment: Outdoor[ ], Indoor[ ] Operating Voltage: 3.3V[ ], 5V[ ], Other[ ] Application:   Other requirements:   Notes: 1, Please fill "Y" in ther matched [ ] and your particular requirements in the( ) and bank 2, Please send us the draft diagram of LCD you need if you have
PANASYS is one of the leading customised lcd suppliers in China. With advanced technology, we can assure you the high resolution and good performance of our products. Welcome to get the free sample of the customised lcd, as well as the price list from our factory.